*Koi Pond - “Oops” discounted soap

*Koi Pond - “Oops” discounted soap

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Discounted somewhat due to browning of clear soap on top but still remains somewhat clear enough to see the fish, plants, and rocks on River bed. (Soap appears a little darker than what the photo shows) Discoloration was caused by the fragrance oil that contained vanillin. All fragrance oils that contain high levels of vanillin cause browning.  

Warm Vanilla Sugar is the fragrance oil that was used in this soap and it smells amazing. 

4 ounce round bar

Ingredients: glycerin, saponified oils: olive oil, coconut oil, RSPO certified palm oil, distilled water, sweet almond oil, castor oil, glycerin, coconut milk powder, kaolin clay, sodium lactate, fragrance, skin safe mica colorants, biodegradable eco friendly glitter, ground flax seeds

Due to the nature of the product, there are no returns or refunds