Oops! Perfectly Imperfect - soaps
Oops! Perfectly Imperfect - soaps

Oops! Perfectly Imperfect - soaps

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“Oops! Perfectly Imperfect” soaps are vegan bar soaps that just don’t quite meet the standards to sell at full price. For most of these bars in particular, the design did not turned out exactly as planned. The bar is in some way simply, not perfect. Some are end pieces so the design is only on one side, some are too lightly fragranced, some have color fading or ashing, and others have cosmetic imperfections or flaws. They are still soaps made with the same quality ingredients but they just didn’t pass quality control so I’m offering them to you at a very low discounted rate. This is a great opportunity to have a high quality handmade soap made with the best ingredients if you don’t really care about it being 100% perfect.

Weight ranges from 4-5 ounce size bars


cotton blossom- sweet and subtle blend of jasmine, violet and gardenia, with a sparkle of lemon zests on a dry down of vanilla.



Ingredients may contain: coconut oil, olive oil, RSPO certified palm oil, distilled water with lye (after saponification, lye is not present in finished bar), sweet almond oil, castor oil, glycerin, activated charcoal, coconut milk powder, kaolin clay, sodium lactate, fragrance, skin safe mica colorants and oxides, titanium dioxide, biodegradable eco friendly glitter.  


All sales are final. Due to the nature of the product, there are no returns or refunds